Allow VM or programme to capture mouse

I’ve looked at Qubes issue 5464 and the other one linked there. marmarek writes there

Inability for a VM application to steal mouse is a feature of Qubes GUI isolation. Temporary disabling it for selected VM could be implemented, with explicit user consent.

This reads to me as though it’s currently possible to lift this restriction. Does anyone know how to do that?

I’m not sure, but “could be implemented” usually means “is not currently implemented but could be in the future.”

Thanks for your response, that’s a reasonable stance. I suppose i mean more specifically ``feature of Qubes GUI isolation’’ is the thing that sounds to me as though it could be changed.

If not, perhaps my question is more: how is this particular facet implemented, and where would i have to go to mess around with it?

Not necessarily. “Feature” doesn’t necessarily imply that it can be toggled. GUI isolation is one of the fundamental features of Qubes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it can’t be changed, but that’s beyond my expertise.

You might want to check out the source code directly or ask on qubes-devel.