Allow USB keyboard for all inputs


I would like to allow plugging in USB keyboard and be able to pass both LUKS password, user password, and use it in dom0 or any other qube.

I’ve got a fresh qubes installation (with usb qube) and I’m not sure how to configure that (the docs on Qubes USB are somewhat confusing to me).

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Reading this USB qubes | Qubes OS should help you set everything correctly. If you have questions let me or someone else know!


I’ve read that and I’m not sure which steps I should run. I already have a USB qube. However to use keyboard I need to mount it first and then I can only use it in given qube.

Have you done this?

I linked to another part of the documentation on the same page. The only way you can type on your machine is using the USB keyboard?

PS: I pasted the wrong link, now it is the correct one

No, I didn’t (yet) as I wasn’t sure thats the correct way (as I said, this page confused me). If this is the correct way to achieve what I want I’ll do it.

It should be

It’s working now, thank you.

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