All is good so far

The tool set in this is awesome, I am liking this distro.
I have upgraded everything, learned that tor is a little better that I remember it to be.
I am sticking to the system policies as best as I understand them to ensure the system can protect me from me.
My next projects are getting docker running so I can run my Presearch node, and getting Protonvpm going.
Is there any fundamental reason not to host a presearch node on my pc in an isolated cube? I like what they are doing.

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This question is very obtuse/vague, can you be more acute/specific?

What are you worried about, what are you looking to do with Qubes? - This sort of thing.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Qubes, it’s awesome!

Thank you for the repl.
I installed qubes because it is supposed to be top notch security wise.
I do not really understand how all this works, I am relying on qubes and whonix to secure my privacy, my job is to adhere to policy and protocols while i learn more.
I do not want to make fundamental errors before i know better.
My goal is privacy, and anonymity, I have nothing to hide i am just tired of selling my soul to the corporation out of ignorance.
If big tech wants to track my every move and sell the data I want them to have to work for it I do not want to hand it to them.
I am willing to stop bad habits to secure my privacy.
I want to take control of my computer and not be a patsy.

playing around some software (in here i mean qubes os) is good to learn it

you just scratch the surface of it

stop thinking like that, you should change your mind now

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No. Use a dedicated qube.
I would also use a separate netvm for this.

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