Again, LUKS GUI and hanging on booting to lightdm problems


the latest update from the testing repo changes sth. at the kernel 5.10.20 and the kernel-devel, but I don’t know exactly if I noticed that right, because the update was to fast, but now none of the kernels 5.4.88 neither 5.10 is booting anymore and it hangs on booting like the problem was before with the nvidia drivers and luks gui is not correct,too . I already removed the line to blacklist nouveau from the grub, but that this time unfortunately is not the fix and the system is unusuable. I can enter tty2 and have got a backup but if it is just a small fix that will be better and faster. And I like to know what the error is that it will not happen again. :wink:

Update: It is fixed by removing kernel-qubes-vm and updating dom0 again. So it should be a problem here. But maybe it just exist for me…
Thank you very much

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To explain this problem a bit more detailed.
With Kernel 5.10 version -16 ; -21 at the end , Qubes is booting fine, with the newer versions -25 or 5.11 it is the problem that it hangs on boot screen and cannot load the display manager / login. And the luks login gui looks wrong, too in those versions, but if u enter your password this step is passed and qubes boots until the described error…
I think that this newer versions of the kernel supports gpu passthrough and nvidia drivers automatically. Because if I try to set up my nvidia driver for an older Kernel like 5.9.14 I am stucked exactly at the same problem. So it should be a problem of the hardware and the formulas for the gpu or whatever in the kernel that makes problems with older cards like a nvidia 960m -980m. Kernel 5.10. -16 is booting with nouveau and like the other kernels before and maybe this is the problem. Of course it will be amazing to fix that, cause I am trying to get my nvidia cards working with sys-gui-gpu, drivers and more and always hang at this boot screen error. Unfortunately I googled a lot and did not find a solution yet.
Have a nice eastern and stay healthy :slight_smile: