After installing whonix-16 on qubes what should I do with sys-whonix?

Hey guys, I got few questions about upgrading Whonix 16.

After I installing whonix-ws-16 and whonix-gw-16 template, how should I configure sys-whonix ? Should I change Template in qube settings to “whonix-gw-16” or should I create new “sys-whonix” ?

And my second questin is:
When I try to delete whonix-ws-15 or whonix-gw-15 I get this error: VM installed by package manager:whonix-ws-15

You can do a clone of sys-whonix (if you really want) but in the end it’s probably for backup only, if somethings really went wrong.

You also can remove the both 15s versions by sudo dnf remove qubes-template-whonix-ws-15 //
in dom0 terminal.

Cheers Steffen