Advice on a USB Wifi Adapter

I will be moving to a semi-rural area in the coming months and will not have access to a wired internet connection. So I will be entirely dependent on wifi.

So I bought myself a T-mobile data plan and the latest and greatest Netgear Nighthawk and while my Windows laptop connects just fine, neither of my Linux machines (Qubes desktop and Debian laptop) recognize it.

I learned that Linux machines need adapters to make use of wifi, however not all adapters are equal. So I humbly ask those of you who run Qubes off wifi which adapter you use, how well it works for your use case, and how difficult it was to get it up and running?

In the same spirit, I came across this github repo that keeps running tally of adapters that supposedly work well with Linux. Can anyone vouch for the adapters on their “in-kernel” support list?

I’d recommend those with RTL8812AU chipset, they have pretty much the best support and widest range of use, for example