ACPI issue prevents Qubes from booting

I have been trying to install Qubes on an Asus UX51VZ laptop using USB. The reason is that the RAID0 was failed to prevent use of the computer, and I’ve have left the RAID0 array as was when breached pending recovery. So the laptop has been used booting off USB. Tails OS for example, Linux Mint etc.
When I try to load Qubes, the failure is reported as related to ACPI issue. I have long suspected that the BIOS of said computer was hacked, and when booted without a USB, before the BIOS application opens, there is a line of red shapes briefly displayed on the top of the screen. From my research, I am aware that malware can be hidden in the ACPI for example, or elsewhere on hardware with firmware. I am also aware of research and related demonstration software communicated on Invisible Things that relates to Blue Pills and Red Pills and contested ownership via virtualisation for example.
My question is simple - does the Qubes community have any members who have had similar experiences and is there any advice I can turn to so as to overcome this Qubes booting issue reported against the ACPI so I can use the software? Thx.

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(Changed the name better fit the description, feel free to make it more precise)