Accidentally Resizing the Tor Browser through window snapping

I accidentally resized the tor browser multiple times now by dragging it around the screen. Of course that is not really a huge problem, because it can be avoided by being more cautious (Additionally the tor browser has padding, so that should also not be THAT big of a problem).
It made me wonder, however, does the trusted window manager (Xfce) resize windows when the left mouse button is released, or are windows resized when being dragged against the border? The animation creates the impression that windows are resized immediately. But wouldn’t it be better to resize at mouse button release? This would give the user the option to undo the fault of dragging a window against a border when not actually wanting to resize it.

Good question. It seems to be actually temporarily resized. How does tor browser behave on XFCE on a non-qubes system?

My guess is the easiest solution is for you to simply run in safest mode. There no js is ran so temporary changes like that should not be communicated to the website.

This may also be suitable for the whonix forums:

If you accidentally resize the Tor Browser window you can always use the “New Identity” function, which resets the window size. This isn’t a fix but just a quick way to reset.

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