A two problems while installation

Major issue

You can’t unlock your encrypted partition after installation because efi doesn’t handle a specific characters which you may be written into a passphrase.

I figured out why I can’t unlock the QubesOS encrypted drive just after installation.

The problem is that your passphrase may contain several specific characters which you cannot write while booting.

I noticed that several Linux distributions (i.e. OpenSESU) while installing doesn’t allow to write specific characters into a passphrase for encryption but QubesOS does.

Minor issue

Ventoy is not supported

I really love this new way to make these bootable drives.

You don’t need to flash an disk image over and over again now. You’re able to store your files and bootable disk images in the same drive.

It works great but somehow I can’t install QubesOS using Ventoy.

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Hi @EnDelta,

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  1. And Fedora installer? Does it allow to set password with chars that are not possible to enter later? If it does, it would be considered mainstream and not-QubesOS bug.

  2. And Fedora installer?

If something of this works on Fedora and does not work on Qubes OS, especially the first issue, I advice you to post in on github, too, so that devs would know.