5800x / ASUS TUF X570 Plus - Libxl exception after install, IOMMU is enabled

Hi there, I tried installing Qubes for the first time. My motherboard with a 3800x is in the hcl, and a 5900x with different motherboard is also found there. I have a gtx1060 and g skill neo ram, but I dont think that matters. I have svm and IOMMU enabled, I also enabled SR-IOV just to try whether it would work with that (I have reinstalled about 10 times with different bios options), but whenever I finish the install and boot up, during the setting up network of the post install I get a libxl driver error and get thrown to sddm. If I log in and change the sys-net to pv it works, but no other appvm can be started, but template vms can be. I have pretty much gave up at this point, if anyone has this motherboard and could tell me what I am doing wrong, would be great.

Okay, but I am getting a libxenlight exception, also how would I change these parameters before the final install process? Plus even vms that dont have any pci allocated to them only start in pv mode. I dont have a terminal or anything installed in appvms by default and updates cause a salt error, my installation is ultra borked out of the box.

That’s not possible unfortunately. If this a problem of reset like linked above, this is harmless for the end of the installation (yes this is not really user-friendly but we work on that).

But why would this cause any other vm to not start? Also just like I said I have nothing installed after this fail during the install, and cant even update templates when I fix the network problem. If I try to spawn a terminal inside a vm the dispvm just quits. I am pretty sure there is a bigger problem with xen for me.