50 KB/sec Download/Upload When Idle

I am not upgrading anything.

I watch nyx. its always open.

I am getting 50 upload and 50 download KB/sec at times when not doing anything. It’s gone over 100, sometimes it goes below 20. It shouldn’t be so high, even with a VPN on and whonix running. i am doing nothing

Nothing has changed, I did clone a Debian template and morphed to Kick Secure, but that isn’t even open, i did some upgrades to templates also last week

Is this ME? Is this whonix creating traffic to made behavioral profiling harder? this is a lot of upload with nothing go on

Should I think I have an infected Qube and make changes? Only USB and networking qubes are open when I see it. Only VPN-qube aren’t disposable.

Should I wipe all? Start over?

After writing this traffic has gone down in speed, now 1K or less.

50 KB/sec happen when “browser-qube” is closed and nothing running.

It’s the most normal thing with Qubes due to the data synchronization. Just don’t reset it.

what this mean?

what this mean?

If you opened some tabs in a browser and leave them on, the data sync is still there even though you didn’t notice.

there was no browser open

there was no tab open

there was nothing open

50KB/sec is not nothing

there was nothing open. there was a bar. on left a Q on right some network and usb icons. No qubes left running in background

GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-issues: The Qubes OS Project issue tracker to report the bug.

One possible explanation could be the update check.

You could launch the ‘Qubes Global Settings’ application and uncheck ‘check for dom0 updates’, ‘check for qubes updates (as default for new qubes)’ and press the ‘Disable All’ button. Then watch for a while if you are still seeing this traffic.

Just don’t forget to enable update checks again after your experiment!