403 forbidden on whonix qube

I can’t open some websites while using whonix on qubes

when I try to open the website I have this problem " 403 Forbidden"

How can solve this problem?

It’s a common issue with Tor. Because you see the error message, it means you’ve been able to reach the website and it’s just telling you that they won’t reply to you because you’re using Tor.

There are several ways to go around that:

  • ctrl+shif+l to switch Tor circuit (may work) Multiple times if needed.
  • searching for an archived version of that webpage on web.archive.org

But in general for these questions a quick search on a search engine will turn out a good result. For example if you search for “403 Forbidden Tor”. There are also Tor-related discussion forums and there is also the forums.whonix.org (whonix forum).

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Yes this is a common problem because many websites are hacked or abused or spammed from advesaries using tor nodes to hide their identity but also the ability to change their IP quickly.

Depending on your reasons for using tor, if changing your circuit and identity isn’t enough, you may want to consider chaining a residential-vpn after tor to trick problematic websites into thinking you’re just a regular cable-fiber-dsl user from some rural IP address and of no concern to be blocked. But chaining opens a bunch of other pros and cons and maybe security implications that you should do your homework on. More on chaining here: Whonix ™ Documentation scroll down to “tunnel and chaining support”.

Also a good video of a journalist who does all sorts of chaining for different purposes: Qubes OS: The Operating System That Can Protect You Even If You Get H

happy qubing!

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