[4.1] Not sure if sys.usb is working

A quick one (I hope!).

When using 4.1, and I put in a USB or SD card, it seems that this is being loaded directly to Dom0.

When I go to attach this to the qube i want to use, it isn’t attached to sys.usb, but has the dom0 icon.

Is there some setting that I need to flip in order to sys.usb to pick up all new devices?

Did you create sys-usb yourself or it was set up automatically during the installation? Did you read this? Do you have a USB keyboard? Do you have your usb controllers attached to sys-usb (see its Settings/Devices)?

You should have the dom0 icon (widget) even if sys-usb functions correctly. What does command qvm-usb show in dom0?

Just checked this again.

When I load a USB, it seems to work ok.
However, when I put in an SD Memory Card, it seems to be loaded by Dom0.

The data devices are: dom0:mmcblk0 etc.

Is there a way to prevent this happening? Minor issue, I guess, but I don’t like a storage device defaulting to dom0

It probably means that one your USB controller is (correctly) attached to the sys-usb, whereas the other isn’t. Have a look at the sys-usb Preferences/Devices and find the second controller in the left list and put it to the right. By the way, if you really have two separate USB controllers, it might be a good idea to have separate sys-usb qubes for them, for more isolation.

Thanks, I’ll try that.