4.1 network manager

I have noticed that when I set my Mac address to either random or stable in 4.1 network manager. The setting is staying after reboot. I have to keep setting back to what I have chosen.
Is this a bug??

Nope, not a bug. This is just a security and privacy feature in qubes.

Sorry type mistake…I ment to say that “when I change clone Mac address to random” ,that after rebooting my computer it isn’t stay to what I changed it and I have to change it back to random. It doesn’t stay permanently.

It’s all about privacy for hackers

@B_ryr - are you using a disposable for sys-net?
If so you should make the change in the disposable template, and it will
propagate in to the disposable.

@unman, first off good to hear from you my friend and thank you for your templates for 4.1 and hard work you do.

I don’t believe I am using disposable “sys-net” even though I installed it along with disposable sys-usb on doing my fresh install of 4.1… but I will check and let you know. If I am is there a cmd in terminal I have to use to set “sys-net” to Random so it stays?

@unman , yes I am not using disposable sys-net. I have to keep going in and changing “clone Mac” to random. It isn’t staying…

I am using latest qubes os 4.1 in fact I have a update waiting for fedora-34 right now.
Also I have Network manager Applet v. 1.22.0

I hope to get these two issues fixed soon…

sys-usb & NetworkManager