4.1 installation problem

Can anyone help me with the screen included ? The message at the bottom - what is missing to carry on with the installation ?
It is a test installation on Virtualbox (just to learn how to use Qubes without blocking a laptop).

At first glance, I would guess the installation destination needs to be selected if you haven’t done that already, since that is the minimum that needs to be done to proceed.
This article could help further:

It turned out I didn’t create a new user - but I haven’t seen this option on my screen. I was just randomly tab-ing on the screen and at some point discovered new user option.

It does looks like your computer is using a low resolution monitor.
I just installed Qubes OS R4.1.0 myself and noticed that there is an item for user account.

I use Virtualbox to get familiar with Qubes - not sure how can I get better resolution.