4.1 Beta vs Latest 4.1 Alpha

Hi, new here. What’s the difference between the beta iso and the latest alpha weekly release?


All these releases are for testing purposes, although there are several users reporting quite good usability as it is.
4.1 beta is signed by qubes team key, they are quite sparse in time.
4.1 Alpha is signed by fepitre-bot (Frédéric Pierret belongs to the Qubes team actually, but key is different), weekly releases.

If you are testing, go ahead, there is place for feedback and error reporting in the forum.
If you are looking for production install, probably stick to Qubes 4.04.

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Hi there, I believe the Alpha weeklys are the isos of the most successful test builds at Qubes OS openQA - if you look at fepitre’s weekly iso’s here Index of /qubes/iso/ you will see the dates match exactly (you will also notice that some weeklies seem to have more severe fails than others. This maybe useful for devs to try and debug, but I personally would take beta release for install, over an alpha with many hard fails (depending on where the fails occured) - I say this hypocrytically knowing damn well i’m running a weekly alpha that is post beta and didn’t actually check that weeks alpha on openQA LOL.