4.0 -> 4.1 upgrade busted sound

4.0 → 4.1 upgrade busted sound

I got a new nvme ssd and installed Qubes 4.1 on it, and copied over my old VMs and templates. The old VMs I backed up and restored still have sound. But not the new ones. That is, using the old VMs with their old templates and 4.0 qubes packages works.

The old templates won’t update for 4.1 properly – something about proxies I didn’t track down. Instead I made new templates from 4.1’s debian-11, and added the extra packages I need. But then, no sound. Not even a volume control icon in the panel.

Poking around for rather some time, I found that installing pasystray and uncommenting a line in /etc/pulse/qubes-default.pa made the volume control icon show up in the panel. But the Default Source and Default Sink both say “dummy”.

All my searches have only turned up stuff about hardware-level drivers.

So I have not discovered how to get sound in 4.1. Surely even manually uncommenting that line in /etc/pulse/qubes-default.pa should not be necessary? I don’t think I did in 4.0.

So I “dpkg --purge”-ed all the pulseaudio packages and re-installed them. Then, sound worked.