1920x1080 missing from "display"

My laptop is a 1920x1080 display. However, when I go into the settings>display the resolution only goes up to 1366x768 which causes the qube manager, especially when creating new qubes to cut off, which then I need to move my panels.

Is there any way to force 1920x1080 or add it to that menu?

What is your hardware? Are you using an Nvidia GPU?

motherboard card.

I’ve actually got 1920x1080 to work by adding a new mode via randr but getting it to persist is tricky i assume something with xsession

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Anyone have any idea how to run a script at dom0 start up?

Dom0 runs Fedora 32, so running something at startup is the same as for Fedora. For example, you can do it in
Menu – System Tools – Session and Startup.