10th attempt at sys-usb

Hi All! I recently read up on Qubes and decided to take the plunge - I didn’t install it on my PC but created a bootable USB and installed it and everything works fine…except…the sys-usb qube.

I’ve read the Documentation section of the website and followed it to a “T” with no avail. I create the sys-usb VM without issue but it seems when I initialize it, the rest of the peripherals attached to the same bus just stop working. I am trying to use an Alfa Wireless card…

I have read quite a few posts about it but I have not been able to hit the nail on the head.

Any suggestions?!?!?

It would help if you explained which section you followed, and exactly
what you did. It sounds as if you haven’t correctly identified the device
to be attached to the sys-usb, but without more information we are
working blind.

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Join the frustrated club. With Qubes default VM’s a lot of USB devices don’t work properly. Yubikeys 4 and above work most of the time but bellow it is a hit and miss just to give you an example. There is Parrot (now a very corrupted OS) that will alleviate some of the problems because of drivers. Feel free to pick another one… even Ubuntu (I can’t believe I wrote that name). Just some band-aids that work sometimes…

Sometimes just installing Chromium fixes some issues (you don’t have to run it).

Not sure if this trolling or what. Please try to stay on-topic.

You don’t use U2F logins with Certificate Pinning and it shows. Maybe you should try it sometimes. Here is the situation: Firefox old Yubikey the login does not work. Just installing Chromium fixes the problem.